County Mayor’s Notes – August 31st, 2020

The COVID-19 Update follows the Oath of Office Ceremony update below.

Oath of Office Ceremony
Even though seating was limited due to the pandemic guidelines, it was my privilege tonight to administer the Oaths of Office to those that were elected earlier in August.  Congratulations to our newly elected county officials!
Lori Lowe Powell, Assessor of Property
Joseph Sherrill, County Commissioner District 6
Colleen K. Mall, County Commissioner District 9
Robert Safdie, Board of Education District 2
Anita C. Hale, Board of Education District 4
Chris A. King, Board of Education District 6
Teresa Boston, Board of Education District 8

COVID-19 Update (difference from previous day)
I mentioned in an earlier newsletter that the Upper Cumberland County Mayors and Executives brought attention to concerns with COVID-19 data released by the State.  I want to clearly state again that I do not believe there is a conspiracy or that there are bad intentions.  As I mentioned, we believe that the recovered data is lagging behind what is reported.  In other words, we believe we should have many more recovered cases than reported.  This in turn means that our number of active cases would be significantly overstated and that our recovered percentage is understated.  The intent is to get accurate data.

The Governor scheduled a conference call with the Upper Cumberland County Mayors and Executives this past Friday.  We had a good discussion with the Governor concerning the COVID-19 data and how the state will be making adjustments to the way recovered cases are counted, dropping from 21 to 14 days post-test.  We also discussed general changes to the Tennessee Department of Health’s online dashboard that will be made in order to provide a more relevant look at where we stand in relation to the pandemic.  These changes should come later this week or perhaps as late as next week.  I appreciate Governor Lee and his willingness to talk with the Mayors about these issues.

We continue to have several individuals to test positive for COVID-19 here in Cumberland County.  I encourage you to follow all State and CDC guidelines related to the pandemic.  Please wear a mask/face covering in public, maintain social distance, wash your hands frequently, and do not go out if you are sick.

The following are the numbers from the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) for Cumberland County as of Monday, 8/31/2020 at 2:00 PM.  The change from the prior day is in parenthesis.  

338 active cases (-17)
480 recovered (+31)
8 deaths officially reported (+0)
826 positive cases (+14)
40 hospitalizations (+0) *
17,435 negative tests (+68)
4.52% cumulative positivity rate (positive cases / positive cases + negative tests)
1.38% of residents have tested positive
0.57% of residents have active cases

These numbers are intended to be a brief summary of the information provided by the Tennessee Department of Health. More detailed information can be found at the online dashboard:

* Hospitalization data reflect the cumulative (total) number of cases of Cumberland County residents that were ever hospitalized from COVID-19. It does not reflect the number of people currently hospitalized.  This does not mean the patient was hospitalized in Cumberland County.  It means that a Cumberland County resident was hospitalized at some point.

Health Department Testing and Face Coverings
Masks/face coverings can help to slow the spread by slowing or stopping the droplets that carry the virus.  Free cloth masks are available upon request at the Health Department for those that want one. Stop by Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm to pick one up for each individual in your household.

The local Health Department (1503 South Main Street) is conducting drive through testing, free of charge, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   No doctor’s order is required, and no appointment is necessary. Anyone can be tested regardless of symptoms.

A reminder from the Tennessee Department of Health:
The Tennessee Department of Health requires that food service workers in restaurants and other food establishments regulated by the Environmental Heath Program must adhere to quarantine and isolation instructions of the department or local health department epidemiologists.

Isolation and quarantine guidance can be found at

Be advised that failure to abide by these recommendations may result in additional actions by public health authorities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated [§ 68-1-104, § 68-1-201, § 68-2-609 and § 68-5-104, Tenn. Comp. R.& Regs. 1200-14-4 et seq. and all other applicable laws and rules].

Thank you for being part of the solution and thank you for the opportunity to serve as your County Mayor.  If you are interested in hearing my thoughts and views on news, events, and activities in Cumberland County, please subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you,

Allen Foster
Cumberland County Mayor

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