County Mayor’s Notes – June 11th, 2020

I have had several people contact the office concerning how those with a mailing address that is different from the physical address will be properly counted.  This happens in several parts of the county when a different post office delivers mail in Cumberland County.  For example, some in Westel receive their mail from the Rockwood post office, and some in Pleasant Hill receive their mail from the Sparta post office.  Their mailing address will be Rockwood and Pleasant Hill, respectively, even though they live in Cumberland County.  The Census works with the USPS to determine physical address from the mailing address.  Long story short, if you live in an area that has an address issue like the examples, you will still be counted correctly.  Click here if you are interested in more details.

I have to keep saying it.  The census is important for you and for me and for our county.  Unfortunately, Cumberland County is behind in our response rate!  Please take the time complete your census today by visiting or calling 844-330-2020 to get counted today!  It matters.

Cloth Masks
Governor Bill Lee announced that the state will continue to distribute the free cloth masks at local, state run Health Departments.  The Governor announced the Environmental Protection Agency determined the masks were safe to use.  The free cloth masks are again available at the Health Department (1503 South Main Street).  Stop by Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm to pick one up for each individual in your household.

Here is the EPA’s statement on the masks:
EPA has evaluated Silvadur 930 Flex and determined that it is safe for use as a materials preservative in textiles or fabric. Once Silvadur 930 Flex is incorporated or impregnated into the fabric, it is extremely unlikely that it would be inhaled; therefore, EPA considers inhalation exposures to be negligible and not of concern.

When evaluating Silvadur 930 Flex, EPA considered incidental oral exposures from children mouthing items such as towels and blankets and dermal exposures from adults and children wearing clothing. EPA used potential skin exposures as a baseline to compare other types of exposure. Note that Silvadur 930 is used extensively in bandages and skin preparations and there are no risks of concern at low concentrations such as would be found in this fabric.

Cumberland County COVID-19 Update
24 active cases (down 2 from previous day)
129 tested positive (up 2 from previous day)
103 recovered (up 4 from previous day)
2 deaths officially reported (no change from previous day)
4,913 negative tests
5,042 total tested
2.56% percent of those that have been tested were positive
8.45% percent of residents have been tested
0.22% percent of residents have tested positive
0.04% percent of residents have active cases

I send my newsletter updates multiple times a week, excluding the weekends, but I update my social media almost daily.  If you want to get these updates more frequently, please subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  These numbers are intended to be a brief summary of the information provided by the Tennessee Department of Health.  More detailed information can be found here.

Thank you for being part of the solution and thank you for the opportunity to serve as your County Mayor. 

Allen Foster

Cumberland County Mayor

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Cumberland County Mayor

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