County Mayor’s Notes – January 21st, 2020

We are all truly blessed to live in such a wonderful community here in Cumberland County.  There are many examples.  For instance, this picture shows Tim French presenting me with a flag from his walks around our community.  On behalf of Cumberland County, I thanked him for his service in the Navy, and for donating this flag from the first 1,000 miles of walking to honor our fallen soldiers.  I also thanked him for letting the flag “lead the way” as he takes those walks, and for bringing awareness to the suicide rate of our military and veterans. 

Tim, thank you for reminding us of the cost of freedom.  As you know, freedom is not free.  What you do to honor our fallen soldiers matters.  As a community, we have noticed what you do because it is important.  I want you to know that I personally appreciate everything you do, and I thank you for it! 

Check out Tim’s website at

The January 21st meeting of the full County Commission was held with all Commissioners in attendance except Wendell Wilson.

Last month, the resignation of Ninth District Commissioner Carl MacLeod was announced along with the process to fill the empty seat.  Since then, Larry Brilliant, Carmin Lynch, Colleen Mall, and Mark Rosser completed the paperwork to submit to fill the vacancy.  There were no additional submissions at the meeting, so we moved on to hearing from the individuals in attendance.  The order of speaking was determined by random drawing, and as luck would have it, they were drawn in alphabetical order.  Each candidate was allowed up to 10 minutes to address the Commission to discuss the appointment.

After the candidates spoke, Commissioners nominated individuals from the list of candidates.  Nominations did not require a second.  Only candidates nominated moved forward in voting.  Commissioner Stone nominated Colleen Mall, Commissioner Patterson nominated Larry Brilliant, and Commissioner Cooper nominated Mark Rosser.  After nominations ceased, the vote was held and Colleen Mall was appointed to the vacant Ninth District County Commission seat.  The vote was 14-1-1 with Commissioner Cooper voting for Rosser and Commissioner Patterson voting for Brilliant.  I immediately administered the Oath of Office; all official documents were signed and Commissioner Mall was seated at the meeting as a Commissioner.

Next, the commissioners unanimously voted to assign Commissioner Mall to the vacant committees held by the previous commissioner including Budget, Building & Grounds, Emergency Services, Environmental, Audit, and Investment.

Josh Stone and his family have moved out of the Fourth District, which created a vacancy on the Board of Education.  TCA has specific requirements for filling a vacant seat, which are the same as those for filling a Commission seat.  First, we must have the formal notice of vacancy from the County Clerk.  That was given at the meeting.  Next, notice must also be officially given in the paper/media by the Mayor’s Office as the Commission Chairman.  That will go out soon.

I suggested a motion be made that the County fill the vacant Fourth District seat at the February 18, 2020 Commission meeting in accordance to County Commission rules.  Anyone interested in filling the vacant seat should notify the County Mayor’s Office in writing by February 4, 2020 at Noon.  A cover letter is suggested, but not required to be submitted at that time.  Those unable to notify the County Mayor’s Office may also be considered at the February 18, 2020 meeting of the full County Commission.  Verification of residency in the ninth district is required.  The motion was made and approved 17-0.


The following resolutions were presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration (resolution sponsor in parenthesis):

RESOLUTION 01-2020-1 – Accept Offers(s) to purchase property owned by Cumberland County (Hyder) The Delinquent Tax Committee recommended approval of the following offers:

Offeror(s)PropertyPriceAdvertising Fee
Philip and Sherry Roberts215 Chickasaw Dr. – Tansi$267.80$45
Michael Matthews9024 Cherokee Trail – Tansi$268.50$45
Michael Matthews9008 Cherokee Trail – Tansi$268.00$45
Michael Matthews9104 Cherokee Trail – Tansi$269.80$45
Michael Matthews201 Nehasane Ln – Tansi$277.40$45
Michael Matthews104 White Horse Circle – Tansi$272.20$45
Michael Matthews106 White Horse Circle – Tansi$270.80$45
Sharon Pulley2011 White Horse Dr. – Tansi$255.00$45

This will return the property to the tax rolls after it had been removed due to property taxes not being paid for several years.  The resolution was approved 17-0.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-2 – Budget Amendment, General Purpose School Fund, High Cost reimbursement $19,950.75 (Lowe).  This budget amendment was for funds from the State of Tennessee Department of Education for reimbursement for expenditures which provide high cost services to special education students.  The resolution was approved unanimously.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-3 – Budget Amendment, General Purpose School Fund, Nursing Reimbursement Program $4,163.51 (York).  These funds were generated in a partnership with a third-party service that processes insurance claims on nurse services.  The money collected ill be used in the school nursing clinics for updating equipment and was approved 17-0.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-4 – Budget Amendment, Solid Waste/Sanitation Fund, Recycling $4,000.00 (Wilson).  The Solid Waste Director applied for and received a grant from Walmart to be used for promoting recycling in Cumberland County.  The money was unanimously accepted.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-5 – Budget Amendment, General Purpose School Fund, Food Pantry Donation $2,556.92 (Hyder).  The Young Professionals Alliance donated money to assist with the food pantry program in the Cumberland County Schools.  The budget was unanimously amended to accept the funds.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-6 – Budget Amendment, General Fund, Sheriff, $1,367.00 (Hyder).  Funds were donated to the Sheriff’s Department earmarked for the Sheriff’s annual “Christmas for Kids” program.  The budget amendment was approved 17-0.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-7 – Budget Amendment, General Fund, County Buildings, $250.00 (York).  The Elks Lodge donated money to assist in the expenses of the Military Memorial Museum.  This money will be spent where most needed in the museum.  The resolution was approved unanimously.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-8 – Accept the 2020 Version of the Cumberland County Road List (Kyle Davis).  The resolution to approve the 2020 County Road List with no changes from last year was approved 17-0.

RESOLUTION 01-2020-9 – Appoint Members to the Ethics Committee (Foster).  Ethics Committee member Jill Davis resigned her seat on the Ethics Committee due to a possible conflict of interest with her job as Administrator of Elections.  I recommended George Harrison to fill that spot through September.  The BOE representative was Josh Stone but he has to be replaced due to his resignation.  I recommended Tom Netherton to replace him through September.  The resolution was approved unanimously.

As reported in the last Budget Committee meeting, local option sales tax collections came in at $871,317 which is $28,351 above estimated revenue.  We also found out tonight that the November receipts were approximately $827,000 which is $12,456 above projections.  Overall, we are approximately $65,000 above the budgeted amount year to date.  Hotel/Motel tax collections are approximately 47.9% of the $817,283 budget as revised down due to last year’s collection.  So far $391,209 has been collected.  Property taxes are starting to come in and stand at 51% of budget.  Prisoner boarding is at 39.3% of budget at $292,071 collected.  EMS collections for the month were approximately $494,680.  This puts year to date collections at $2,329,364 which is $329,366 above budget.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Mayor.  If you are interested in following the events of the county, please subscribe to my County Mayor newsletter, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you,

Allen Foster
Cumberland County Mayor

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