CC Notes – January 16th 2018

CC Notes – January 16th 2018

Fifteen County Commissioners made it through the weather to conduct the county’s business in the first full meeting of the new year on January 16, 2018.  Commissioners Nancy Hyder, Sonya Rimmer, and Woody Geisler were unable to attend.  Before the meeting began, a moment of silence was held in memory of Steve Lewis, the County Building and Maintenance Supervisor that recently passed away.

The first resolution of the evening was to accept the 2018 version of the Cumberland County Road List.  The Environmental Committee, Highway Department, and Cumberland County Regional Planning Commission submitted the list for approval.  Hickory Gap Lane, Hickory View Lane, and King John Lane have been added to the list.  John Taylor Road was removed from the list.  The resolution was approved 15-0.

The Cumberland County Red Cross Lease and Agreement was unanimously extended for one year through January 20, 2019.

A resolution to apply to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development for Community Development Block Grant Funds under the Water Line Extension category was the next item.  The funds will be used to extend water lines to unserved parts of the southern part of Cumberland County around Old Highway 28 and East Valley Road.  If the grant is approved, South Cumberland Utility District will pay any required matching grants.  The resolution was passed unanimously.

An offer from Roy E. and Judith J. Life to purchase property owned by Cumberland County for $100 was accepted unanimously on recommendation of the Delinquent Tax Committee.  The parcel is located at 18 Briar Hill Terrace.  This will get the property back on the county tax rolls.

Jennifer Phillips, Ron Erick, Greg Watson, and John Kirby were appointed as Judicial Commissioners for Cumberland County for terms of sixty days, starting January 16, 2018.  These individuals were recommended by the Judicial Commissioner Committee and Len Blevins, Judicial Commissioner Director.  The original resolution was for one year, but there were questions about legal issues as well as required training, so the timeframe was reduced.  The resolution was approved 15-0.

Aviagen Inc., and the Fairfield Glade Community Church has donated money to assist with science fair awards in the Pre-K program for the schools.  A budget amendment of $505.50 was unanimously approved by the Commission.

The City of Crossville has reimbursed the school system $4,915.50 for Ready for Kindergarten kits as part of the Three Star Grant program.  The East Tennessee Foundation has awarded Phoenix High School a grant of $29,915.50 for technology needs as well.  A resolution was approved 15-0 to accept the $29,915.50 into the school system budget.

The school system is having issues with cash flow and auditors for Federal Projects grants.  The Federal Projects Fund operates at a cash deficit at different times throughout the year because of slow turn-around of reimbursements from the State.  This is a problem with General Auditing Standards.  In order to alleviate this issue, $200,000 was unanimously approved to be moved from the General Purpose School Fund to the Federal Project Fund.  This does not involve new money, only the transfer of existing money.

A resolution was approved 15-0 accepting $400 in donations for the Fire Department.  The money donated is to fund the fire alarm program and other costs associated with the operation of the County Fire Department.

Recently, a grant for Archives and Preservation was applied for in the amount of $5,000.  The grant was approved, but for only $3,500.  The money is needed for shelving to get valuable documents off the floor for their protection and preservation. $5,336.50 is needed for the shelving, so a resolution was approved 15-0 accepting the $3,500 and adding $1,836.50 from the General Fund Balance to complete the project.

Sheriff Casey Cox requested funds from the contract with the State of Tennessee for litter removal be used to purchase two Ford Fusion vehicles using the state contract for transfers.  Approval of the $54,183 transaction was unanimously approved on recommendation of the Budget Committee.

Financial Report
Local option sales tax collections for the BOE for the month were $732,522 which is $11,589 less than projected.  Even though sales tax collections were budgeted conservatively we are still below budget by $94,133.  Estimated property tax collections are 51.5 percent year to date compared to 51.5 percent this time last year.  Hotel/Motel tax collections year to date are $412,277, or 50.9 percent of budget which is ahead of last year’s 49.3 percent.

Total EMS collections for the month were $327,000.  We are just over $1,800,000 collected year to date, which is behind budget by approximately $140,000.  Both our billing company and our local EMS department are up to date on billing, but we have been getting more bills denied from the federal government.  Measures are being taken with documentation to try and make the new transports eligible for reimbursement.

Prisoner Boarding payments for holding State prisoners in our local jail are received sporadically.  At this point, the county has received $229,671 for four months of services.  This represents 43.7 percent of the annual budget of $525,000.

Fuel costs are below the budgeted amount of $2 per gallon for both diesel and gasoline, and usage is tracking well.  Currently, the average cost paid for diesel for the year has been $1.89 per gallon, and the average paid for gas has been $1.70 per gallon.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at any time.

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Allen Foster
Board of Commissioners
4th District Representative

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