CC Notes – December 15th 2014

CC Notes – December 15th 2014
The final 2014 meeting of the full Board of Commissioners was held at 6:00 PM on December 15 in the large meeting room at the courthouse. The meeting followed a 5:30 PM Closed Session with the County Attorney concerning legal matters. All Commissioners were in attendance except John Kinnunen.

The first item on the agenda, under Unfinished Business, was the Interlocal Agreement for School Resource Officers. This agreement provides for the transfer of funds from the BOE to the Sheriff’s Department in a legal manner that does not increase the Maintenance of Effort to the County. The agreement is a joint effort between the County and BOE Attorneys, and spells out the relationship between all parties involved. After discussion, and removal of Section II Part 3 that was deemed to conflict with state law, the motion passed in a 17-0 vote with Commissioners David Gibson and Tim Claflin declaring conflicts of interest and voting in favor of the motion.

Under New Business, matters relative to Spirit Broadband LLC were discussed. The County is currently in a dispute with Spirit Broadband LLC concerning customer service and franchise fees. A resolution was passed giving the County Attorney and the County Mayor all authority necessary to carry out any action to resolve these issues, including legal recourse. The motion passed 17-0.

Next, five resolutions concerning routine General Purpose School Funds were approved. The first resolution for $3,141.84 increases the revenue in the Sale of Surplus Material line item due to the sale of used and unneeded textbooks, and appropriated that money to the line item for new textbooks. This passed 16-1 with Commissioner Elbert Farley declaring a conflict of interest due to his employment with the school system, and voting against.

North Cumberland and Martin Elementary were awarded grants of $1,155 and $2,312 respectively. The second resolution, approved unanimously, moved those funds into the appropriate accounts.

The State of Tennessee overpaid the BOE for the Early Childhood Education-Pilot/Pre-K program by $7,978.11. The third BOE resolution corrected this issue and was also unanimously approved.

The BOE requested reallocation $15,000 from Other Salaries and Wages to the Pre-K Teachers line to more accurately reflect expenditures. This resolution was approved 17-0.

The final BOE budget resolution was in the amount of $30,904.67. The school system was awarded this money from federal funds for reimbursement of high cost expenditures incurred during the 2013-2014 school year for special education students. This resolution was approved 16-1 with Commissioner Farley declaring a conflict of interest and voting against.

The Register of Deeds requested additional funding in the amount of $76,000 for conversion and indexing of microfilm to digital images as well as to replace equipment. This issue was discussed during budget hearings. At that time it was concluded that money could be used from revenue that is specifically designated and reserved for technology in the Register of Deeds office. This is money that cannot be used for any other reason and is set aside to build up for special projects such as this. The motion was passed 17-0.

The local Health Department has received $97,437 in additional funds from the State of Tennessee to provide health service employees and related supplies and materials. This funding is provided at 100 percent from the state and required no additional County funds. The motion was approved 17-0.

The final resolution of the evening was approval of the County Mayor’s appointment of Mike Harvel as the Cumberland County Director of Sanitation. Mr. Harvel is a former County Commissioner and has done an excellent job as the Assistant Director of the department for several years. The current Director, Tom Breeding, is retiring after many years of excellent service to the county. The motion passed 17-0.

Financial Report
Property tax collections are at 23.3 percent of budget year to date compared to 24.8 percent from the year prior, but are still projected to make budget. The Hotel/Motel tax is at $293,662 compared to $302,820 at this point last year. This represents 40 percent of the budgeted amount for the year. Ambulance collections for October were $308,069 for a total of $1,103,604 for the year. This is 36.8 percent of the budgeted amount and also projects favorably for the year. At this point last year, only $560,855 had been collected. Prisoner Boarding is still low for the year at $170,866 compared to $337,662 at this point last year. This money comes in a somewhat random fashion as it is paid as the State of Tennessee sees fit. The BOE portion of the Local Option Sales Tax collections are still solid. October collections were $692,100 against a budget of $683,682 for a net of $8.418 in the positive. For the year, $2,800,746 has been collected which is $23,496 above budgeted projections. Preliminary numbers from the State indicate that November should come in around $9,000 above projections.

The Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce and the Cumberland County Joint Economic and Community Development Board will be holding an Economic Development Forum on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 6:00 PM in the Crossville City Hall Conference Room 424.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at any time. May God bless you and your family with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Allen Foster
Board of Commissioners
4th District Representative

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