CC Notes – September 15th 2014

CC Notes – September 15th 2014

The first regularly scheduled meeting of the newly seated Cumberland County Board of Commissioners was held on September 15th. All commissioners were present with the exception of Tim Claflin who was in training. The meeting, which was full of routine business, began with comments from the public and a request for the changing of speed limits in Fairfield Glad. The request was referred to David Hassler, convener of the Environmental Services Committee, as that is the committee that handles requested speed limit changes.

In unanimous votes, approval was granted for the bonds required for the newly elected Cumberland County Officials and County Attorney Randal R. Boston was reappointed to his post. Tim Claflin, Donnie Buttram, Josh Stone, Stanley Hall, and James Perry were also unanimously appointed to serve on the Ethics Committee for one year terms. Bob Ramsey and Janet Kluender were reappointed to the Crossville-Cumberland County Convention and Visitors Bureau for four year terms. Kenneth Carey, Jr. and Tammy Steward were reappointed to the Cumberland County Board of Health. Terry Lowe was appointed to the Residential Building Codes Board of Appeals in a 16-0-1 vote with Mr. Lowe abstaining. Barbara Parsons was reappointed as the Cumberland County Historian, while Bill Ward, Audrey Akins, Rebecca Stone, Kenneth Carey, Jr., and Barbara Parsons were appointed to the Cumberland County Museum Board. Kenneth Carey, Jr., Terry Lowe, and Roy Turner were appointed to the Wildlife and Fisheries’ Committee in a 15-0-2 vote with Mr. Lowe and Mr. Turner abstaining. McKinley Tabor and Dr. Kimberly Peaslee were reappointed to the E-911 Emergency Communications District Board of Directors as well.

A motion to accept a grant for the Obed River Park was also approved. A motion to apply for this grant had been previously approved by the Commission. The grant was awarded to Cumberland County with an in-kind match that was lower than anticipated. Final approval in the amount of $30,000 for improvements to the Obed River Park was granted. The local in-kind match of labor and services is for $7,500. The resolution was unanimously approved.

Two roads that had previously been left off of the official county road list were added back to the list. Mallard Court and Wilshire Heights Drive had mistakenly been left off of previous lists and were unanimously added back.

Financial Report
Financial data for the new year is just beginning to come in to the Finance Department. The new data will be provided to the Budget Committee at the next meeting, and to the full Commission in October. A detailed report of the new fiscal year’s start and prior year accruals will be given at that time.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at any time.


Allen Foster
Board of Commissioners
4th District Representative

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