CC Notes – March 17th 2014

CC Notes – March 17th 2014

All members of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners were in attendance for the March 17 regular monthly meeting except Charles Seiber.  Under the New Business section of the agenda, Commissioner Johnny Pressley made a motion for the County Commission to hold work sessions aimed at working with small businesses in the community in order to grow jobs. The motion was seconded by Commissioner McNeil.  Upon discussion, several of the Commissioners and the Mayor discussed how the Joint Economic Development Board was created just for this purpose.  The board is used as a mechanism and forum for promoting ongoing cooperation and planning among the local governments in our county. The purpose is to foster communication among governmental entities, industry, and private citizens on economic and community development.  The board meets monthly and is open to Commissioners and the public alike.  The motion failed in a 2 – 15 vote with Commissioners Pressley and McNeil voting in favor.

The first resolution of the evening was one to support the efforts of the Tennessee General Assembly to honor our fallen heroes and their families by naming State Route 1 “The Gold Star Families Memorial Highway”.  The resolution stated that the County Commission supports the efforts of the Tennessee General Assembly to honor our fallen heroes and their families by naming State Route 1 “The Gold Star Families Memorial Highway” and is willing to provide the required funds to erect two signs on State Route 1 where it enters the county.  The cost will be minimal, and the resolution was unanimously passed

The next resolution of the evening was one to request the State of Tennessee to regulate Transitional Houses/Halfway Houses.  You may have read of the recent issue concerning a transitional living home sought in the Meridian area of our county.  Many Meridian area residents were concerned with the prospect of having a transitional living home in their community and asked for help from the County Commission.  Everyone was sympathetic to the need of transitional housing, but the placement was of concern.  The resolution seeks to remedy this by requesting the State to regulate any of these types of facilities that receive State money in much the same way that facilities serving or selling alcohol are regulated.  This would be accomplished by having the state establish a minimum of 2,500 feet distance between the facilities and established residences, Churches, child daycare, schools, parks and other facilities frequented by the public.  The resolution passed 16 – 1 with Harry Sabine voting against the motion.

Several budget amendments were also unanimously passed during the meeting.  The first was to transfer $543 in donations received on behalf of the Library into the Library fund.  A second budget resolution approved was also more of a bookkeeping maneuver and served to move the operational funds budgeted for the Crossville-Cumberland County Visitors Center to the Chamber of Commerce line item.  The Health Department received funding from the State of Tennessee Tobacco Settlement monies to promote tobacco prevention and cessation.  The Health Department budget was amended to accept the $52,748.  The final budget resolution of the evening was in the amount of $707,500.  Cumberland County and the City of Crossville entered into an interlocal agreement to administer grant funds for the CoLinx expansion.  The State requires these funds to be processed through the County.  This resolution was the mechanism to pass the funds from the State to the City.

Financial Report
Property tax collections standing at 94.7% are the best year to date numbers in the six years that show on our tracking report.  The Hotel/Motel tax is a bit of a concern coming in at 57.5% of budget at $424,357 to date.  Ambulance collections are also being closely monitored as they are at 41.6% of budget with only $177,441 collected in January.  To date, $1,110,441 has been collected against a budget of $2,671,000.  Prisoner boarding, money collected from the State for housing State prisoners, is still trending well with $625,189 of a budgeted $1,046,856 collected.  This represents 59.7% of budget to date.  Preliminary numbers on sales tax show that collections were down approximately $30,000 to the budgeted number.  If this holds true when the final numbers are given to the county, we will be down approximately $13,400 in year to date collections for the school system.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at any time.


Allen Foster
Board of Commissioners
4th District Representative

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