CC Notes – April 15th 2013

CC Notes – April 15th 2013

All members were present for the April meeting of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners.  After approval of the March minutes, Mayor Carey updated the Board concerning the Big South Fork Visitors Center.  It seems that the TDOT review took longer than expected, and the time allocated for bids expired.  The Financial Management Committee will be taking up the issue at the next meeting.

Several resolutions were then approved by the County Commission.  Woody Geisler was unanimously appointed to the Cumberland County E-911 Emergency Communications District Board of Directors for a four year term that will expire April 30, 2017.

A resolution to appoint a new member to fill a vacated spot on the Cumberland County Board of Equalization was withdrawn from the agenda as the City of Crossville will need to fill the vacancy.  According to TCA, the City is allowed to appoint one member and currently has not done so.

A resolution was passed allowing the submission of an application for a Recreational Trails Program Grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  If received, the money would be used at the Obed River Park for improvements.  If the grant is awarded, a resolution must be brought back to the County Commission for approval.  A resolution for a separate grant authorization and acceptance was approved allowing for an application for a Litter and Trash Collecting Grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

A $93,000 resolution for maintenance and repairs of vehicles ($18,000), as well as supplies and materials required for housing inmates ($75,000) was approved for the Sheriff’s Department.  Income for prisoner boarding is much higher than budgeted, so the $93,000 was added to the budget as an increase in revenue to cover the increase in expenditures.  Voting against were David Hassler, Johnny Presley, Charles Seiber, Larry Allen, Mike Harvel, Jeff Brown, and John Kinnunen.  The motion passed in an 11 – 7 vote.

Budget resolutions gaining unanimous support included $6,000 for vehicle maintenance, and allocating $3,399 into the Library budget due to income received for the library through the County Finance Department.

Justice Center Water Leak
As you are probably aware, the old high school portion of the Justice Center has leaked for some time.  In an attempt to remedy the leaking, a company was hired to tuck-point the mortar on the building at a cost of $190,525.  A discussion on the possibility of applying a water repellent to the stone has been had on many occasions as well.  It was brought before the full Commission at the April meeting after having failed on multiple occasions due to tie votes in the Building and Grounds Committee.  During the process of investigating the leaks, an independent architect firm that inspected the building recommended against the water repellent.  The current construction company working on the tuck-pointing has recommended applying the water repellent at a cost of $7,860.  A motion to have the water repellent applied was made by Jeff Brown and seconded by Joe Koester.  Voting for the motion was Brian Houston, Harry Sabine, Nancy Hyder, Caroline Knight, Joe Koester, Jan McNeil, Jeff Brown, Sonya Rimmer and John Kinnunen.  Voting against was David Hassler, Johnny Presley, Charles Seiber, Larry Allen, Terry Carter, Mike Harvel, Roy Turner, Carmin Lynch and me.  This resulted in yet another tie vote that Mayor Carey was forced to break by voting against the motion, resulting the motion failing.  

I voted against the water repellent because we have yet to get the results from a test area where it was applied, because we have yet to see a ten year guarantee promised by the construction company in writing, and because the firm that recommended against the application had no financial reason to do so.  We can also revisit the issue in the future should it become necessary.

Financial Report
Year to date sales tax income is at approximately $5.2 million verses an approximate $8 million budget estimate.  The latest figures showed sales tax collections down $7,900 for the month, with a year to date shortfall of $70,000.  Property tax collections are at 98.9 percent of the budget through March with Hotel/Motel taxes and Ambulance collections at 74 percent.  Prisoner boarding from the State is at 92.6 percent of budget and is expected to well exceed estimated revenue projections.

Your feedback is important to me.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County.


Allen Foster
Board of Commissioners
4th District Representative

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