CC Notes – June 18th 2012

The June meeting of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners consisted of a large number of budget resolutions in the continuing effort to clean up last minute budget issues for the current fiscal year.  The following resolutions were unanimously passed in that effort.  All Commissioners were present for the meeting with the exception of Charles Seiber.

·        Resolution 06-2012-1-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $5,814.00, Election Commission/Voter Registration – This resolution authorized the acceptance of grant money to provide for the rental or lease of additional voting machines.

·        Resolution 06-2012-2-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $6,185.00, General Fund Departments – This resolution authorized the movement of money from the General Fund to cover shortfalls in various department budgets.

·        Resolution 06-2012-3-Budget Amendment, Highway Department, $6,500.00, Employee Benefits – This resolution moved funds from unassigned fund balance in the Highway Department, to unemployment compensation.

·        Resolution 06-2012-4-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $6,657.00, Sheriff’s Department – This resolution authorized receiving grant money for law enforcement equipment.

·        Resolution 06-2012-5-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $10,396.00, Health Department – This resolution amended the Health Department budget to include additional funding from the Health Department Grant for increased personnel.

·        Resolution 06-2012-6-Budget Amendment, Debt Service Fund, $15,500.00, General Government – This resolution moved money from the Debt Service fund balance to expenditure lines to cover payments on notes and services.

·        Resolution 06-2012-7-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $27,454.00, Jail/Courtroom Security/Juvenile/Other Public – This resolution authorized the reallocation of appropriations within the Sheriff’s budget to cover various line items.

·        Resolution 06-2012-8-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $200,000.00, Sheriff/Jail/Juvenile Services – This resolution increased the revenue for housing state and regional prisoners as income is higher than expected.  It also increases expenditures in several line items where shortfalls require it.

·        Resolution 06-2012-9-Budget Amendment, General Fund, $347,810.00, Employee Benefits, Sheriff/Fire/Ambulance – This resolution served to split the cost of workers compensation insurance among the various departments.  It is not an actual increase in expenditures but rather a moving of the line items to more accurately reflect where the funds are being spent.

·        Resolution 06-2012-10-To transfer operating assets and liabilities of the Landfill Fund to the Sanitation Fund on June 30, 2012 and the Landfill Fund be closed – The Landfill Fund is no longer needed due to the closing of the landfill.  This resolution served to move remaining funds from the Landfill Fund to the Sanitation Fund.

A resolution was also passed to adopt a continuing budget for the new fiscal year.  The Budget Committee is wrapping up work on the budget and is currently awaiting the new certified tax rate from the state as the reappraisal process has been completed.  Each department is authorized to continue operations using the same budget parameters approved in the prior fiscal year and using the same property tax rate allocation of $1.425.

Roy Turner was appointed to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Clyde Cramer on the Cumberland County Regional Planning Commission.  Harry Sabine and Lonnie Van Trump were appointed to the Library Board and Kathy Ivey was appointed to the Falling Water River Regional Library Board.

Property owned by Cumberland County due to delinquent taxes was sold upon recommendation of the Cumberland County Delinquent Tax Committee.  Various parcels were sold to Michael Dandera, Daniel Friel and U.S. Assets thereby getting the property back on the property tax rolls.

Income continues to come in above budgeted amounts for the year to date.  This is welcome news and should help with the final details of the budget currently being constructed.  As mentioned earlier, the final touches are being applied to the budget.  I will provide more information as things progress.

Your feedback is important to me.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County.


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