CC Notes – August 15th 2011

Due to the closing of the Cumberland County landfill, changes have been made in solid waste operations.  The following fees were approved by the Board of Commissioners for individuals disposing of tires:

            $1.00 per car tire, $2.00 on rim
            $2.00 per semi tire, $4.00 on rim
            $5.00 per tractor tire, $10.00 on rim


The fees are effective immediately.  A reduction in the current monthly residential tipping fee allowance allotted to private haulers was also a part of the resolution.  The new rate is now 125 pounds per residential unit which is down from 162 pounds per residential unit.  Again, this will only affect private trash pickup type businesses, not individuals.  The residential tipping fee allowance is the weight of trash that these pickup businesses are allowed to dump on behalf of residential customers without a tipping fee.  Trash picked up from commercial use is not given this allowance.  According to numbers provided by the Sanitation Department, the average household in Cumberland County disposes of 96 pounds of trash per month, so the 125 pounds per residential unit per month should more than cover what the private haulers are getting from these pickups while helping to ensure proper tipping fees are paid on other trash.

Harry Sabine, Jan McNeil, Jeff Brown, Bill Startup, and Dennis Hinch were officially appointed to the new Audit Committee.  Among other duties, the Audit Committee is tasked to review the county’s annual audit findings and recommend any corrective action deemed necessary.  Russell Smith and James Perry were appointed to fill vacancies on the Cumberland County Regional Planning Commission with terms to expire August 31, 2015.


The Commission unanimously voted to name the livestock barn at the Community Complex the “Claude Little Memorial Livestock Barn”.  In a continuing effort to work in partnership with the City of Crossville, the use of county equipment by the City of Crossville was allowed as needed pending authorization of the County Mayor.  The City has worked with and helped out the County on several occasions as well.

Resolution 08-2011-6 was approved in the amount of $3,500 so radio communication equipment can be moved on Renegade Mountain.  Resolution 08-2011-7 moved funds in the amount of $27,787.80 for hiring an additional full time employee to help with the maintenance at the expanded Jail/Justice Center and other County buildings.  Revenues and expenditures were increased by $46,000 to implement a new telephone system and commissary services at the jail.   Income from the services will fun the increased expenditures.  Recycling continues to grow in Cumberland County and temporary workers are needed to process the volume of materials being received.  The sale of recycled materials continues to climb and approval was granted to increase the income from these sales in the amount of $54,000 which will be used to fund additional help.

Approval of final Lease and Agreement contracts between Cumberland County and the Cumberland County Red Cross, Cumberland County and Downtown Crossville Incorporated (DCI), and Cumberland County and the Fair Association was granted as well.

Help me to better serve you by giving me your feedback on the various issues facing you and our county.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  Thank you for allowing me to serve the 4th District and Cumberland County. 


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