CC Notes – Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners met tonight for a special called meeting to elect a chairman and the members of standing and statutory committees.  CountyMayor Carey was elected as Chairman, 1st District Commissioner Harry Sabine was elected Chairman Pro Tempore, and 9th District Commissioner Clyde Cramer was elected Parliamentarian.

A few weeks back the Chairman at the time, Carmin Lynch, asked all the members for a list of the committees they would like to serve on for the next two years.  Given my detailed experience with the BOE budget, and considering that I was the Chairman of the BOE for three terms, I requested to be placed on the Budget Committee, the Schools and Education Committee the Rules and Nominations Committee, and the Building and Grounds Committee.  When I received Mr. Lynch’s committee nominations in the mail, I found that out of all my requests he had only placed me on the Rules and Nominations Committee.  In addition, I was tentatively placed on the Emergency Services Committee, the Environmental Committee, the Investment Committee and the County Agricultural Extension Committee.

Charles Seiber, my 4th district counterpart, and I agreed to switch Emergency Services and Schools and Education.  The final lists of standing and statutory committees can be found on the Meeting Information page on my website.

After the meeting, Mayor Carey announced a work session scheduled for Thursday, September 16th at 5:00 PM in the large courtroom at the Courthouse.  The work session topic will be possible county building inspections/permits for CumberlandCounty.  Jim Pillow, Assistant Commissioner of the State Fire Marshall’s Office, will present information on County Building Inspections.  Officials from the City of Crossville Codes Department will be there to answer questions as well.


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