Animal Welfare

During my service on the County Commission, I have actively supported many initiatives to promote the welfare of animals in our community.  I have worked to:

  • Enter into a cooperative agreement with the City of Crossville to operate and share expenses for the Animal Shelter.
  • Approve “Spay Day”, calling for spay/neutering and sponsoring of animals in the Animal Shelter.
  • Purchase a van to safely transport animals for veterinarian treatment and for picking up supplies.
  • Fund the spay/neutering program in the budget every year.
  • Build the new adoption center in cooperation with the City, and ensure funds were allocated to the project.
  • Promote construction of the new intake facility during times of uncertainty with the County Commission.
  • Add one full-time position at the Cumberland County animal shelter.

There are many individuals and groups that care for and support the welfare of animals here in Cumberland County.  Let’s work together to help the animals needing our care.  I worked on these issues before I considered a run for Mayor.  That means the issues are real to me. A vote for me is a vote for results with animal welfare.


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